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-- Name:
--          sp_IHreplflush

-- Description:
--          HREPL: Request log reader to flush cache

-- Security:
--          Internal
-- Requires Certificate signature for catalog access

-- Returns:
--          Success/failure

-- Notes:
--			This procedure is used when administering heterogeneous publications, to request a flush of the log reader cache.
--			The log reader uses this timestamp to determine whether its cache is up to date or needs to be refreshed.  This
--			procedure is typically called within a transaction that updates publication or article data that is needed by
--			the log reader to correctly process publisher data, but when no corresponding update will be applied at the
--			publisher, such as adding or dropping publications, or changing a data type mapping.  A different mechanism is
--			used to coordinate updates to article meta data represented at both the publisher and distributor.

-- Owner:

create procedure sys.sp_IHreplflush
    @publisher sysname
    declare @retcode int
    declare @publisher_id int

    select @retcode = 0
    select @publisher_id = NULL

    -- Determine publisher id
    select @publisher_id = srvid
    from master.dbo.sysservers
    where upper(srvname collate database_default) = upper(@publisher) collate database_default

    if @@error<>0 or @retcode <> 0 or @publisher IS NULL
        RAISERROR(21618, 16, -1, @publisher)

    -- insert time stamp in IHpublishers to indicate when a log reader flush was requested
    update IHpublishers set flush_request_time = GetDate()
    where publisher_id = @publisher_id


Last revision 2008RTM
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