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create procedure sys.sp_MSFixPubColumnBitmaps
        @pubid uniqueidentifier,
        @artid uniqueidentifier,
        @bm varbinary(128) = NULL output,
        @NeedSchemaChange int = NULL output
        declare @delcols_prev varbinary(128)
        declare @delcols_now varbinary(128)
        declare @deletedcols varbinary(128)
        declare @excluded_cols varbinary(128)
        declare @excluded_cols_previous varbinary(128)
        declare @excluded_col_count int
        declare @missing_cols varbinary(128)
        declare @missing_col_count int
        declare @retcode int
        declare @objid int

        declare @is_republisher bit

       -- If this proc is called by replication agent as part of applying the DDL on the
       -- subscriber then this must be a republisher scenario.
    -- check if this is a republisher.
    if exists (select pubid from dbo.sysmergearticles where artid=@artid and pubid<>@pubid and sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalpubid(pubid)=0)
        select @is_republisher=1
        select @is_republisher=0

    select     @delcols_prev        = deleted_cols,
            @missing_cols     = missing_cols,
            @excluded_cols     = excluded_cols,
            @objid             = objid
    from dbo.sysmergearticles where pubid = @pubid and artid = @artid

    -- Find the deleted columns
    exec sys.sp_MSfillup_deleted_cols @objid, @delcols_now OUTPUT

    set @delcols_prev=isnull(@delcols_prev, 0x00)
    set @delcols_now=isnull(@delcols_now, 0x00)

    exec @retcode= sys.sp_MSBitmapXOr
        @bm1= @delcols_prev,
        @bm2= @delcols_now,
        @bmout= @deletedcols output

    set @excluded_cols_previous = @excluded_cols

    if @is_republisher <> 1
    -- This is the root publisher. Build the deleted columns bitmask
    -- from by looking at sys.columns
        -- Add deleted col to missing col
        exec @retcode= sys.sp_ORbitmap
                @inputbitmap1= @missing_cols,
                @inputbitmap2= @deletedcols,
                @resultbitmap3= @missing_cols output

        exec @retcode= sys.sp_firstonly_bitmap
                    @inputbitmap1= @excluded_cols,
                    @inputbitmap2= @deletedcols,
                    @resultbitmap3= @excluded_cols output
        -- This is a re-publisher. The schemachange sp_MSFixSubColumnBitmaps must have already
        -- updated the missing columns bitmask based on what it got from its publisher. Use that bitmask
        -- instead of looking at sys.columns since we are interested in the absolute col index based on
        -- root publisher and what sys.columns will give us is the index based on the republisher table schema.
            exec @retcode= sys.sp_firstonly_bitmap
                            @inputbitmap1= @excluded_cols,
                            @inputbitmap2= @missing_cols,
                            @resultbitmap3= @excluded_cols output

    if @excluded_cols = @excluded_cols_previous
    set @NeedSchemaChange = 1

    exec @retcode= sys.sp_MSBitmapCount
                @bm1= @excluded_cols,
                @count= @excluded_col_count output

    exec @retcode= sys.sp_MSBitmapCount
                @bm1= @missing_cols,
                @count= @missing_col_count output

    update dbo.sysmergearticles
        set     deleted_cols        = @delcols_now,
            excluded_cols     = @excluded_cols,
            excluded_col_count= @excluded_col_count,
            missing_cols         = @missing_cols,
            missing_col_count     = @missing_col_count
    where pubid = @pubid and artid = @artid

    exec @retcode= sys.sp_ORbitmap
                    @inputbitmap1= @missing_cols,
                    @inputbitmap2= @excluded_cols,
                    @resultbitmap3= @bm output
    return (0)

Last revision 2008RTM
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