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create proc sys.sp_MScheck_subscription_count_internal
    @mode tinyint = 1  -- 0 = tran, 1 = merge
    ,@publisher sysname
    ,@publisher_engine_edition int=null
    ,@about_to_insert_new_subscription bit
    set nocount on
    declare @publisher_id int
                ,@subscription_count int
                ,@count2 int
                ,@max_allowed int
                ,@modestr sysname

    if (@mode not in (0,1))
        return 1

    select @subscription_count = 0
            ,@max_allowed = case when (@mode = 0) then 5 else 25 end
            ,@modestr = case when (@mode = 0) then N'Transactional' else N'Merge' end
            ,@publisher_id = srvid
    from master.dbo.sysservers where UPPER(srvname) = UPPER(@publisher)
    if @publisher_id is NULL
        return 0
    -- Get default publisher edition if not supplied
    if @publisher_engine_edition is null
        select top 1 @publisher_engine_edition = publisher_engine_edition
        from dbo.MSpublisher_databases
        where publisher_id = @publisher_id
        and publisher_engine_edition is not null
        -- If we do not have publisher edition
        -- no need to do anything
        if @publisher_engine_edition is null
            return 0
    -- Check for workgroup edition - the value defined in sys.fn_MSrepl_editionid()
    if @publisher_engine_edition = 21
        -- if caller calls in transaction, it is good to do repeatable read so that we can ensure
        -- that counts can be controlled correctly in concurrent scenarios as well.
        if (@mode = 0)
            -- check the count of transactional logbased subscriptions
            -- Find the active non anonymous subscriptions (this will list separate count for
            -- subscriptions which have shared distribution agent
            -- separate the common expression from previous statement by semicolon
            with activesubscriptionperpublication (publication_id, subscriber_id, subscriber_db, subscription_type) as
                select distinct s.publication_id, s.subscriber_id, s.subscriber_db, s.subscription_type
                from dbo.MSsubscriptions as s with (repeatableread)
                    join dbo.MSpublications as p with (repeatableread)
                        on s.publication_id = p.publication_id
                            and s.publisher_id = p.publisher_id
                            and s.publisher_db = p.publisher_db
                where s.subscriber_id >= 0
                    and s.publisher_id = @publisher_id
                    and p.publication_type = 0 -- log based publication
            select @subscription_count = count(*) from activesubscriptionperpublication
            -- Also check the count of distribution agents for logbased publications
            -- this will list the anonymous subscriptions separately
            select @count2 = count(*)
            from dbo.MSdistribution_agents as da with (repeatableread)
                    join dbo.MSpublications as p with (repeatableread)
                        on da.publication = p.publication
                            and da.publisher_id = p.publisher_id
                            and da.publisher_db = p.publisher_db
            where da.subscriber_id >= 0
                and da.publisher_id = @publisher_id
                and p.publication_type = 0 -- log based publication
            -- choose the greater count
            select @subscription_count = case when (@count2 > @subscription_count)
                    then @count2 else @subscription_count end
            -- check the count of merge subscriptions
            select @subscription_count = count(*) from dbo.MSmerge_agents with (repeatableread)
            where publisher_id = @publisher_id
        -- check if the count exceeds the restriction
        if (@about_to_insert_new_subscription = 1 and @subscription_count >= @max_allowed) or
            (@about_to_insert_new_subscription = 0 and @subscription_count > @max_allowed)
            raiserror (22577, 16, -1, @modestr, @publisher, @max_allowed)
            return 1
    -- all done
    return 0

Last revision 2008RTM
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