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-- Name: sp_MScleanupmergepublisher_internal

-- Description: This procedure currently performs the following function(s):
--              1) Cleans up all the stale dynamic snapshot views
--              in all databases enabled for merge replication. This
--              procedure should normally be called at merge publisher startup.

-- Notes: 1)This procedure is enabled as a startup procedure when a database is
--        enabled as a first merge publisher database on the server and it
--        will be unmarked as a startup procedure when the last merge publisher
--        database is disabled.
--        2)Errors within the SP are mostly ignored.
--        3)This procedure can also be used by admins/securityadmins to perform
--        manual cleanup of all dynamic snapshot views. Note that cleaning up the
--        dynamic snapshot views can disrupt dynamic snapshots that are being generated.

-- Returns: (undefined)

-- Security: Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute this
--           procedure successfully. So for this procedure to function proprely
--           as a startup procedure, the MSSQLServer service account must be a
--           member of the sysadmin role.
-- Requires Certificate signature for catalog access

create procedure sys.sp_MScleanupmergepublisher_internal
    set nocount on
    declare @status_mask int
    declare @published_mask int
    declare @published_database_name sysname
    declare @command nvarchar(4000)

    -- Security check: sysadmin only
    if (isnull(is_srvrolemember('sysadmin'),0) = 0)
        return (1)

    -- Masks off the databases with status that we don't want to deal with
    select @status_mask = 32 | -- loading
                          64 | -- pre recovery
                          128 | -- recovering
                          256 | -- not recovered
                          512 | -- offline
                          1024  -- read only

    select @published_mask = 4 -- Merge published

    declare hPublishedDatabase cursor local fast_forward for
        select name from sysdatabases
         where (status & @status_mask) = 0
           and (category & @published_mask) <> 0

    open hPublishedDatabase

    fetch hPublishedDatabase into @published_database_name
    while  (@@fetch_status <> -1)

        select @command = QUOTENAME(@published_database_name) + '.sys.sp_MScleanupmergepublisherdb'

        exec @command
        -- Ignore errors
        fetch hPublishedDatabase into @published_database_name

    close hPublishedDatabase
    deallocate hPublishedDatabase


Last revision 2008RTM
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