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create procedure sys.sp_MSenumschemachange_70(
    @pubid              uniqueidentifier,
    @AlterTableOnly     int,
    @schemaversion      int,
    @compatlevel        int

    ** To public

    if (@schemaversion is null)
        RAISERROR(14043, 16, -1, '@schemaversion', 'sp_MSenumschemachange_70')
        return (1)

    if object_id('MSmerge_contents') is NULL
        RAISERROR(20054 , 16, -1)
        return (1)

    create table #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70
        (pubid uniqueidentifier NULL,
         artid uniqueidentifier NULL,
         schemaversion int NULL,
         schemaguid uniqueidentifier NULL,
         schematype int NULL,
         schematext nvarchar(2000) collate database_default null)

    /* handle the case of reinitall */
    if exists (select pubid from dbo.sysmergeschemachange where schemaversion > @schemaversion
            and pubid = @pubid and schematype = 12)
        select @schemaversion = 0

    ** For 70 RTM and SP1, we want to filter out type 9 (retention propagation) and 16 (metadata cleanup)
    ** and 5 ( last rec generation ) and 6 (last sent generation)
    ** which they do not support. SP2 subscriber will be passing in 7000200, which gets understands
    ** these schema types
    insert into #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70
        select pubid, artid, schemaversion, schemaguid, schematype, convert(nvarchar(2000), schematext) as schematext
          from dbo.sysmergeschemachange where schemaversion > @schemaversion
                and pubid = @pubid
                and ((@compatlevel=7000000 and schematype in (-1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20))
                  or (@compatlevel=7000200 and
                    ((schematype in (-1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20,66))
                        or schematype in (5, 6) and @schemaversion = 0)))
        order by schemaversion

    -- Some schematypes that are distinct in Yukon used to have wrong number pre-Shiloh.
    -- Map them back to the old values.
    update #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70 set schematype=8 where schematype in (21,23)
    update #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70 set schematype=9 where schematype = 18

    /* for SP2 downlevel subscribers who do not understand type 12 (reinit-all) at provider level, but do
    ** at reconcile level, change it to type = 7 (directory) to be no-op.
    if @compatlevel=7000200
        update #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70 set schematype=7 where schematype = 12

    select  * from #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70
    drop table #temp_table_sp_MSenumschemachange_70

    return (0)

Last revision 2008RTM
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