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create procedure sys.sp_MShelpalterbeforetable
    @objid int,
    @biname sysname
    declare @command nvarchar(4000)
    declare @retcode int
    declare @include int
    declare @tablenick int
    declare @colname nvarchar(258)
    declare @typename nvarchar(258)
    declare @base_typename sysname
    declare @schname  nvarchar(259)
    declare @system_type_id int
    declare @colid smallint
    declare @colidstr nvarchar(5)
    declare @len smallint
    declare @prec smallint
    declare @scale int
    declare @isnullable tinyint
    declare @bi_objid int
    set nocount on
    declare @cMaxIndexLength int

    set @cMaxIndexLength= 900  -- max index column size in SQL 2000

    select @tablenick = max(nickname) from dbo.sysmergearticles where objid = @objid
    if @tablenick is null
        return (1)

    select @bi_objid = OBJECT_ID(quotename(@biname))

    declare @role sysname
    declare @pubid uniqueidentifier
    declare publications_list CURSOR LOCAL FAST_FORWARD
        for select p.pubid from dbo.sysmergearticles a, dbo.sysmergepublications p
            where objid = @objid and p.pubid = a.pubid and UPPER(p.publisher) = UPPER(publishingservername()) collate database_default and p.publisher_db = db_name()

    open publications_list
    fetch publications_list into @pubid
    while @@fetch_status <> -1
        exec @retcode = dbo.sp_MSrepl_FixPALRole @pubid, @role output
        if @retcode <> 0 or @@ERROR<>0
            goto errlabel

	   	select @command = 'grant select (system_delete, generation), update(generation), delete, insert on ' + quotename(@biname) + ' to ' + quotename(@role)
        exec (@command)
        if @@ERROR<>0
            goto errlabel

        fetch publications_list into @pubid
    close publications_list
    deallocate publications_list

    -- Loop over the columns and see which ones we include
    declare col_cursor CURSOR LOCAL FAST_FORWARD
    for select  C.name,  type_name(C.user_type_id), type_name(C.system_type_id),
                    case when S.name<>'sys' and S.name<>'dbo'
                            then QUOTENAME(S.name)+'.' else '' end,
                   C.system_type_id, C.max_length, C.precision, C.scale, C.is_nullable, C.column_id
    from sys.columns C
            INNER JOIN sys.types T ON C.user_type_id = T.user_type_id
            INNER JOIN sys.schemas S ON T.schema_id = S.schema_id
    where C.object_id = @objid and C.is_computed <> 1 and C.user_type_id <> type_id('timestamp') order by C.column_id

    open col_cursor
    fetch next from col_cursor into @colname, @typename, @base_typename, @schname, @system_type_id, @len, @prec, @scale, @isnullable, @colid
    while (@@fetch_status <> -1)
        set @include = 0

        if not exists (select * from sys.columns where object_id = @bi_objid and QUOTENAME(name) = QUOTENAME('system_delete'))
            set @command = 'alter table ' + quotename(@biname) + ' ADD system_delete bit default(0) '
            execute ( @command )
            if @@ERROR<>0
                goto errlabel

            /* grant select to system_delete column */
			set @command = 'grant select (system_delete) on ' + quotename(@biname) + ' to public'
            exec (@command)
            if @@ERROR<>0
                goto errlabel

        -- Is this column already in the before image table?
        if exists (select * from sys.columns where object_id = @bi_objid and name = @colname)
            goto fetchnext

        -- does updating this column change membership in a partial replica?
        if exists (select * from dbo.sysmergearticles
            where objid = @objid and sys.fn_MSisfilteredcolumn(subset_filterclause, @colname, @objid) = 1)
            set @include = 1
        else if exists (select * from dbo.sysmergesubsetfilters
            where art_nickname = @tablenick and sys.fn_MSisfilteredcolumn(join_filterclause, @colname, @objid) = 1)
            set @include = 1
        else if exists (select * from dbo.sysmergesubsetfilters
            where join_nickname = @tablenick and sys.fn_MSisfilteredcolumn(join_filterclause, @colname, @objid) = 1)
            set @include = 1

        -- If we want this column, map its type and insert a row to temp table
        if @include <> 1
            goto fetchnext
        if ((@base_typename='nvarchar' or @base_typename='nchar') and @len <> -1) -- a unit of nchar takes 2 bytes
            set @len = @len/2
        exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSmaptype @typename out, @len, @prec, @scale
        if @@ERROR<>0 or @retcode<>0
            goto errlabel
        if (sys.fn_IsTypeBlob(@system_type_id, @len) = 0)
            set @colname = QUOTENAME(@colname)

            -- Always make columns nullable when we add them because we might have
            -- existing rows in the before image table.

            set @command = 'alter table ' + quotename(@biname) + ' ADD ' + @colname + ' ' + @schname + @typename + ' NULL '

            execute ( @command )
            if @@ERROR<>0 goto errlabel

            -- Insert a create index command if column is not too long
            if (@len <= @cMaxIndexLength)
                set @colidstr =convert(nvarchar(4), @colid)
                set @command = 'create index ' + quotename(@biname + '_' + @colidstr) + ' on ' + quotename(@biname) + ' (' + @colname + ')'
                execute ( @command )
                if @@ERROR<>0 goto errlabel

        /* Repeat the loop with next column */
        fetch next from col_cursor into @colname, @typename, @base_typename, @schname, @system_type_id, @len, @prec, @scale, @isnullable, @colid
    close col_cursor
    deallocate col_cursor
    return 0
    close col_cursor
    deallocate col_cursor
    return 1

Last revision 2008RTM
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