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CREATE PROCEDURE sys.sp_MSlock_auto_sub
    @publisher_id int,
    @publisher_db sysname,
    @publication sysname,
    @reset bit = 0  /* @reset = 1 is used for Scheduled Snapshot publications by snapshot */
    -- security check
    -- only db_owner can execute this
    if (is_member ('db_owner') != 1)
        raiserror(14260, 16, -1)
        return (1)

  /* This sp only work for 7.0 publisher since it use the publication name */
   set nocount on

    DECLARE @virtual smallint     /* const: virtual subscriber id */
    DECLARE @virtual_anonymous smallint /* const: virtual anonymous subscriber id */
    DECLARE @subscribed tinyint
    DECLARE @automatic tinyint
    DECLARE @publication_id int
    DECLARE @counter int
    DECLARE @independent_agent bit
    DECLARE @active tinyint

    SELECT @virtual = -1
    SELECT @virtual_anonymous = -2
    SELECT @subscribed = 1
    SELECT @active = 2
    SELECT @automatic = 1

    select @publication_id = publication_id , @independent_agent = independent_agent
        from dbo.MSpublications
        publisher_id = @publisher_id and
        publisher_db = @publisher_db and
        publication = @publication

    ** Set exclusive lock on the rows that will be updated to prevent deadlock
    **      in snapshot agent.
    ** Note: using UPDATE lock may cause deadlock with sp_MSget_repl_commands as following
    ** 1. The distribution agent gets shared lock on dbo.MSsubscriptions.
    ** 2. The snapshot agent gets update lock on dbo.MSsubscriptions.
    ** 3. The snapshot agent gets exclusive lock on MSrepl_commands (inserting into the table)
    ** 4. The distribution agent waits to get shared lock on MSrepl_commands
    ** 5. The snapshot agent waits to convert update lock to exclusive lock on MSrepl_subscriptions (updating the table).
    --SELECT @counter = COUNT(*) FROM dbo.MSsubscriptions with (ROWLOCK UPDLOCK)
    -- 1. Avoid defered updates: Don't update fields in the clusted index
    -- 2. Avoid updating fields in the where clause
    UPDATE dbo.MSsubscriptions SET update_mode = update_mode
         publisher_id = @publisher_id and
         publisher_db = @publisher_db and
         publication_id = @publication_id and
         /* virtual subscriptions are automatic sync type */
         sync_type = @automatic and
         (status = @subscribed or
         subscriber_id = @virtual or
         subscriber_id = @virtual_anonymous or
         @reset = 1)

Last revision 2008RTM
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