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create proc sys.sp_MSloginmappings
	@loginname nvarchar(258) = null, @flags int = 0

	create table #loginmappings(
		LoginName  nvarchar(128) NULL,
		DBName     nvarchar(128) NULL,
		UserName   nvarchar(128) NULL,
		AliasName  nvarchar(128) NULL

	 * @flags bits:
	 *		0x01	- current db only
	 * Added @dbname so dbo can see everyone in current database.
	 * Use hacky 4.21 syntax so it will run there, instead of a case..when.
	declare @checkmultilogin int
	select @checkmultilogin = 1
	if ((@flags & 0x01 <> 0) and user_id() = 1)
		select @checkmultilogin = 0

	declare @logincount int
	select @logincount = 0
	if (@loginname is not null)
		select @logincount = count(*) from dbo.syslogins where loginname = @loginname

	/* Gotta be sa or dbo to see other than just current login. */
	declare @numlogins int, @whereloginname nvarchar(258), @name nvarchar(258), @retval int
	if (@loginname is null)
		select @numlogins = 2
		select @numlogins = count(*) from dbo.syslogins where loginname = @loginname

	if (@numlogins = 0) begin
		RAISERROR (15007, -1, -1, @loginname)		/* Login not found */
		return 1
	if (@checkmultilogin <> 0) begin
      /* We do not want to allow everybody to execute this SP */
		if (is_member(N'db_ddladmin') <> 1 and is_member(N'db_owner') <> 1 and is_member(N'db_accessadmin') <> 1 and is_member(N'db_securityadmin') <> 1 and (@numlogins > 1 or suser_sid() <> suser_sid(@loginname))) begin
			RAISERROR (14301, -1, -1, N'')				/* Only sa can see other than the current login */
			return 1
	if (@loginname is not null)
		select @whereloginname = N' and loginname = ' + QUOTENAME(@loginname, '''')
      select @whereloginname = N' '

	 * This proc returns a result set with one or more rows for each database for which a login is a user or aliased to one.
	 * If loginname is specified, the results are limited to that login.  First load a temp table with all logins that are
	 * in a db, then add those which aren't mapped to any db.
	if (@flags & 0x01 <> 0) begin
		INSERT #loginmappings select l.loginname, db_name(), u.name, null from master.dbo.syslogins l, dbo.sysusers u where l.sid = u.sid and l.loginname is not NULL
		 * We only allow multi-db on a 6.x server because dynamic exec() didn't exist before then,
		 * hence there is no way to loop thru every database.  This is caught in SQLDMO so no
		 * need for error message here; we'll just return no result sets.
	end else begin
		exec @retval = sys.sp_MSforeachdb
			N'use [?] INSERT #loginmappings select l.loginname, db_name(), u.name, null from master.dbo.syslogins l, dbo.sysusers u where l.sid = u.sid and l.loginname is not NULL'
		if (@retval <> 0)
			return 1
		insert #loginmappings select l.loginname, null, null, null from master.dbo.syslogins l where l.loginname not in (select LoginName from #loginmappings) and l.loginname is not NULL

	 * Now bring them out by loginname, each in its own result set.
	 * If this is for all logins, we'll return all logins; if for curdb,
	 * only those in #loginmappings (i.e. only those mapped in curdb).
	exec(N'declare hCForEachLogin cursor global for select loginname from master.dbo.syslogins where loginname is not NULL ' + @whereloginname + N' order by loginname')
	if (@@error = 0)
		open hCForEachLogin
	if (@@error <> 0)
		return @@error
	fetch hCForEachLogin into @name
	while (@@fetch_status >= 0) begin
      /* Use '=' instead of 'LIKE' in comparision, so we can handle wide card character correctly */
		if ((@flags & 0x01 = 0) or exists (select * from #loginmappings where LoginName = @name))
			select * from #loginmappings where LoginName = @name
		fetch hCForEachLogin into @name
	end /* FETCH_SUCCESS */
	close hCForEachLogin
	deallocate hCForEachLogin
	return @@error

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