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create procedure sys.sp_MSmerge_create_pub_table as

    -- sysmergepublications
    if object_id('dbo.sysmergepublications', 'U') is null
        create table dbo.sysmergepublications
            publisher               sysname NOT NULL default publishingservername(),
            publisher_db            sysname NOT NULL default db_name(),
            name                    sysname                NOT NULL,
            description             nvarchar(255)         NULL,
            retention               int                    NULL,
            publication_type        tinyint                NULL,
            pubid                   uniqueidentifier     NOT NULL,
            designmasterid          uniqueidentifier     NULL,
            parentid                uniqueidentifier     NULL,
            sync_mode               tinyint                NULL,
            allow_push              int                    NULL,
            allow_pull              int                    NULL,
            allow_anonymous         int                    NULL default 1,
            centralized_conflicts   int                    NULL,
            status                  tinyint                NULL,
            snapshot_ready          tinyint                NULL,
            enabled_for_internet    bit                    NOT NULL default 0,
            dynamic_filters         bit                    NOT NULL default 0,
            -- portable snapshot support
            snapshot_in_defaultfolder   bit             NOT NULL default 1,
            alt_snapshot_folder         nvarchar(255)   NULL,
            -- Pre/post - snapshot commands
            pre_snapshot_script         nvarchar(255)   NULL,
            post_snapshot_script        nvarchar(255)   NULL,
            -- Snapshot compression
            compress_snapshot           bit             NOT NULL default 0,
            -- Post 7.0 Ftp support
            ftp_address                 sysname         NULL,
            ftp_port                    int             NOT NULL default 21,
            ftp_subdirectory            nvarchar(255)   NULL,
            ftp_login                   sysname         NULL default N'anonymous',
            ftp_password                nvarchar(524)   NULL,
            conflict_retention          int             NULL,
            keep_before_values          int             NULL default 0,
            allow_subscription_copy     bit             NULL default 0,
            allow_synctoalternate       bit             NULL default 0,
            validate_subscriber_info    nvarchar(500)   NULL,
            ad_guidname                 sysname         NULL,
            backward_comp_level         int             not NULL default 10, --7.0 RTM
            max_concurrent_merge        int             not NULL default 0,
            max_concurrent_dynamic_snapshots int        not NULL default 0,
            use_partition_groups        smallint        NULL,
            dynamic_filters_function_list nvarchar(500) NULL,
            partition_id_eval_proc        sysname       NULL,
            publication_number            smallint      identity not null,
            replicate_ddl                 int           not NULL default 0,
            allow_subscriber_initiated_snapshot  bit    not null default 0,
            distributor                   sysname       NULL,
            snapshot_jobid                binary(16)            NULL,
            allow_web_synchronization     bit                NULL default 0,
            web_synchronization_url       nvarchar(500) NULL,
            allow_partition_realignment   bit    default 1,
            retention_period_unit          tinyint default 0 not null, -- 0=day, 1=week, 2=month, 3=year, 4=hour, 5=minute
            decentralized_conflicts   int                    NULL,
            generation_leveling_threshold	int		NULL default 1000,
  automatic_reinitialization_policy     bit not null default 0 -- no upload first
        if @@ERROR <> 0
        goto Error

        CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX nc1sysmergepublications
        ON sysmergepublications(pubid)
        if @@ERROR <> 0
        goto Error

        exec dbo.sp_MS_marksystemobject sysmergepublications
        if @@ERROR <> 0
        goto Error

        CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX nc2sysmergepublications
        ON sysmergepublications(status)
        if @@ERROR <> 0
        goto Error


    return 0

    return 1

Last revision SQL2008SP2
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