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-- Name:
--          sp_MSrepl_DistDBPALAccess

-- Description:
--          This stored procedure runs in a distribution database.  It returns
--          Success (0) if the current user has PAL access to the distribution
--          database.  The user must either be a member of the 'db_owner' or
--          'replmonitor' role of the distribution database or must be in the PAL
--          of a publication associated with a publication that uses the current
--          database as its distribution database.

--          If @publisher is specified, only this publisher is checked.
--          If @publisher is not specified, all publishers are checked.

--          If @publication is specified, only this publication is checked.
--          If @publication is not specified, all publications are checked.

--          If @publication is specified, @publisher must be specified as well.

-- Security:
--          Internal
-- Requires Certificate signature for catalog access

-- Returns:
--          Success (0) or failure (1)

-- Owner:

create procedure sys.sp_MSrepl_DistDBPALAccess
    @publisher sysname = N'%',
    @publication sysname = N'%'
    set nocount on
    declare @isntname int
                ,@sid varbinary(85)

    -- If @publication is specified, @publisher must be specified as well
    if @publication <> N'%' and @publisher = N'%'
    -- if the user is a member of either the db_owner or the replmonitor
    -- role return success
    if is_member(N'db_owner') = 1 or isnull(is_member(N'replmonitor'),0) = 1
    -- initialize
    select @sid = suser_sid()

    select @isntname = isntname
    from master.dbo.syslogins
    where sid = @sid and hasaccess = 1

    if @isntname is null and @sid is not null
        select @isntname = 1
    -- if the user is in the PAL of the/any publication associated
    -- with the/any publisher making use of this distribution database
    -- return success
    if exists ( select distinct d.distribution_db
                from MSpublication_access a,
                     MSpublications p,
                     master.dbo.sysservers s,
                     msdb.dbo.MSdistpublishers d
                where a.publication_id = p.publication_id
                and   p.publication LIKE @publication
                and   (a.sid = @sid or
                    (@isntname = 1) and (exists (select * from master..syslogins
                        where sid = a.sid and isntgroup = 1 and is_member(a.login) = 1))
                and   p.publisher_id = s.srvid
                and   UPPER(s.srvname collate database_default) = d.name collate database_default
                and   d.distribution_db = DB_NAME()
                and   UPPER(s.srvname collate database_default) LIKE UPPER(@publisher))
    -- if we are here - no PAL access

Last revision 2008RTM
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