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-- Name:
--		sp_MSrepl_getdistributorinfo

-- Description:
--		Procedure used to efficiently obtain distributor, distribution database
--              rpc server name, and publisher type.

-- Returns:
--		0 == SUCCESS
--		1 == FAILURE
--              Several output parameters

-- Security:
--		public
-- Requires Certificate signature for catalog access

-- Notes:
--		This is an internal stored procedure to be used as an alternative
--              to sp_helpdistributor when only basic information about the
--              distributor is desired.  It must be called from a publisher
--              having an entry in the sysservers table associated
--              with the distributor.

create procedure sys.sp_MSrepl_getdistributorinfo
    @distributor    sysname = NULL OUTPUT,
    @distribdb      sysname = NULL OUTPUT,
    @publisher      sysname = NULL,
    @local          nvarchar(5) = NULL,
    @rpcsrvname     sysname = NULL OUTPUT,
    @publisher_type sysname = NULL OUTPUT,
    @publisher_id   int = NULL OUTPUT,
    @working_directory nvarchar(255) = NULL OUTPUT,
    @version int = NULL OUTPUT
    DECLARE @loc_distributor sysname,
            @loc_distribdb sysname,
            @loc_rpcsrvname sysname,
            @loc_publishertype sysname,
            @loc_publisherid int,
            @proc nvarchar(255),
            @retcode int,
            @srvid smallint,
            @dist_rpcname sysname,
            @loc_working_directory nvarchar(255),
            @loc_version int

    -- Get the distribution server
    SELECT  @dist_rpcname = name,
                @loc_distributor = upper(data_source collate database_default ),
                @srvid = server_id,
                @loc_rpcsrvname = name
    FROM sys.servers
    WHERE is_distributor = 1
    IF (@loc_distributor is null)
        RETURN (1)
    -- set publisher if necessary
    -- process based on where this is invoked
    SELECT @publisher = case when (@publisher IS NULL) then upper(publishingservername()) else upper(@publisher) end
    if @loc_distributor = UPPER(@@servername)
        -- invoked on distributor
        -- validate the calling publisher
        SELECT @loc_distribdb = msd.distribution_db,
                @loc_publishertype = msd.publisher_type,
                @loc_publisherid = ss.server_id,
                @loc_working_directory = msd.working_directory,
                @loc_version = @@microsoftversion
        FROM msdb.dbo.MSdistpublishers as msd join sys.servers as ss
            ON msd.name = UPPER(ss.name collate database_default )
                AND msd.name = @publisher
        IF (@@ERROR != 0) -- OR @loc_distribdb IS NULL
            RETURN (1)
        -- invoked on publisher with remote distributor
        SELECT @proc = @dist_rpcname + N'.master.sys.sp_MSrepl_getdistributorinfo'
        EXECUTE @retcode = @proc @distributor  = @loc_distributor OUTPUT,
                                 @distribdb      = @loc_distribdb OUTPUT,
                                 @publisher      = @publisher,
                                 @local          = @local,
                                 @publisher_type = @loc_publishertype OUTPUT,
                                 @publisher_id   = @loc_publisherid OUTPUT,
                                 @working_directory = @loc_working_directory OUTPUT,
                                 @version = @loc_version OUTPUT
        IF @retcode <> 0 or @@ERROR <> 0
        RETURN (1)
    -- Return output parameters
    -- NOTE: For HREPL, treat the RPC name as the same as the distributor name
    -- to avoid using RPC calls for HREPL since all HREPL is local
    SELECT  @distributor = @loc_distributor,
                @distribdb = @loc_distribdb,
                @publisher_type = @loc_publishertype,
                @publisher_id = @loc_publisherid,
                @working_directory = @loc_working_directory,
                @version = @loc_version,
                -- Remote distributor or local with non-sysadmin rights
                @rpcsrvname = @loc_rpcsrvname
    -- BUGBUG : The value for @rpcsrvname must match the value returned
    --  by sp_helpdistributor or we will see indefinite blocking
    --  in some areas of our code. Example-incremental add article.
    --  So if you make a change here make it in sp_helpdistributor
    -- For the following cases use LOCAL SERVER NAME
    --  1. Hetero will always use local server
    --  2. Local distributor with sysadmin access (used to avoid blocking issues)
    if (@loc_publishertype != N'MSSQLSERVER'
        OR (IS_SRVROLEMEMBER('sysadmin') = 1
            AND @loc_distributor = UPPER(@@SERVERNAME)))
        select @rpcsrvname = name
        from sys.servers
        where UPPER(name collate database_default ) = @loc_distributor
    -- all done
    return 0

Last revision 2008RTM
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