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create procedure sys.sp_MSscript_pub_upd_trig
    @publication sysname,
    @article     sysname,
    @procname    sysname,
    @alter 	bit = 0 -- if 1 script alter, otherwise script create
    declare @cmd       nvarchar(4000)
    declare @qualname  nvarchar(517)
    declare @objid     int
    declare @artid     int
                ,@retcode int

    set nocount on
    -- security check -- dbo+ to script create or alter
    exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSreplcheck_publish
    if @@error <> 0 or @retcode <> 0
        return (1)

    -- Create temp table
    create table #proctext ( c1 int identity NOT NULL, procedure_text nvarchar(4000) collate database_default null)

    -- Retrieve underlying table name and replicated columns
    select @objid = objid, @artid = a.artid from sysarticles a join syspublications p on  a.pubid = p.pubid
        where a.name = @article and
              p.name = @publication

    exec sys.sp_MSget_qualified_name @objid, @qualname OUTPUT

    -- Trigger should be invoked for repl processes as well.
    select @cmd = case @alter when 0 then N'create' else N'alter' end + ' trigger ' + QUOTENAME(@procname) + N' on ' + @qualname + N' '

    select @cmd = @cmd + N'for update not for replication as '

    exec sys.sp_MSflush_command @cmd output, 1

    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'
    -- declare common local variables
    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values
        (N'declare @rc int
    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'select @rc = @@ROWCOUNT


    -- Optimization. Return immediately if no row changed
    -- This must be at the beginning of the trigger to @@rowcount be overwritten.
    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'if @rc = 0 return
    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'if update (msrepl_tran_version) return

    -- update the version column of all the updated rows all at once.
    select @cmd = N'update ' + @qualname + N' set msrepl_tran_version = newid() from ' +
        @qualname + ', inserted '
    exec sys.sp_MSflush_command @cmd output, 1
    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'
    exec sys.sp_MSscript_where_clause @objid, @artid, 'version pk', null, 4

    insert into #proctext(procedure_text) values(N'
    -- send fragments to client
    select procedure_text from #proctext order by c1 asc

Last revision 2008RTM
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