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create procedure sys.sp_MSsetcontext_merge_identityrangeddlbit @onoff bit -- 1 to turn on
    declare @cur_context varbinary(128)
    declare @cur_context_first_byte binary(1)
    declare @bitmask tinyint

    -- bit to set: snapshot=1, logreader=2, distrib=4, merge=8,
    -- replication_agent=16, merge_identityrange_alterconstraint=32
    if @onoff=1
        set @bitmask=32
        set @bitmask=255-32

    -- get the current context_info. remember we only want to modify a bit without changing the rest of the info
    select @cur_context = isnull(context_info(),0x00)

    -- get the first byte out. the replication agent flags are set in the first byte.
    select @cur_context_first_byte = substring(@cur_context, 1, 1)
    -- set the appropriate bit in this one byte (leaving other bits unchanged).
    if @onoff=1
        select @cur_context_first_byte = (convert(tinyint,@cur_context_first_byte) | @bitmask)
        select @cur_context_first_byte = (convert(tinyint,@cur_context_first_byte) & @bitmask)

    -- replace the first byte of the 128 byte binary variable, so that now it has the appropriate bit set.
    select @cur_context = convert(varbinary(128),stuff (@cur_context, 1, 1, @cur_context_first_byte))
    -- set the context_info again with the new binary(128) value.
    set context_info @cur_context

    if @@error <> 0
        return 1

    return 0

Last revision 2008RTM
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