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create procedure sys.sp_MSuniquename
	@seed nvarchar(128), @start int = null
	/* Return a unique name for sysobjects, based on a passed-in seed. */
	set nocount on
	declare @i int, @append nvarchar(10), @seedlen int, @temp nvarchar(128), @recalcseedlen int, @seedcharlen int
	select @i = 1, @seedlen = datalength(@seed), @recalcseedlen = 1, @seedcharlen = 0
	if (@start is not null and @start >= 0)
		select @i = @start
	while 1 < 2
		/* This is probably overkill, but start at max length of seed name, leaving room under OSQL_DBLSYSNAME_SET for @append. */
		/* We'll work our way back along the string if more room needed (pathological user). */
		select @append = ltrim(str(@i)) + N'__' + ltrim(str(@@spid))
		if (@recalcseedlen = @i or @seedcharlen = 0)
			while @recalcseedlen <= @i
				select @recalcseedlen = @recalcseedlen * 10
			select @seedcharlen = @seedlen
			if ((@seedlen + datalength(@append)) > 128) begin
				select @seedlen = 128 - datalength(@append)

				/* Get the charlen of this datalength for the substring() call. */
				select @seedcharlen = @seedlen
			   /* exec sp_GetMBCSCharLen @seed, @seedlen, @seedcharlen out */
			end		/* Recalc seedlen */
		end		/* Check seedlen */

		select @temp = substring(@seed, 1, @seedcharlen) + @append

		/* If I don't set a limit somewhere, it's gonna look hung -- I'd rather get a nonunique error. */
		if object_id(@temp) is null or @i > 999999		/* if increased, watch out for overflow of @recalcseedlen */
			set nocount off
			select Name = @temp, Next = @i + 1
			return 0
		select @i = @i + 1

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