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-- Name:
--		sp_addpublication

-- Description:
--		Creates a snapshot or transactional publication. This stored procedure is executed at
--		the Publisher on the publication database.

-- Returns:
--		Return code (0 for success, 1 for failure)

-- Security:
--		Public

-- Notes:
--		Re-directs to call sp_MSrepl_addpublication in the correct db context (distributor for HREPL)

create procedure sys.sp_addpublication
    @publication                sysname,
    @taskid                        int = 0,                        -- backward compatible
    @restricted                    nvarchar (10) = N'false',        -- publication security
    @sync_method                nvarchar(40) = NULL,            -- (bcp) native, (bcp) character
                                                                -- NULL defaults to appropriate sync method for pub type
    @repl_freq                    nvarchar(10) = N'continuous',    -- continuous, snapshot
    @description                nvarchar (255) = NULL,
    @status                        nvarchar(8) = N'inactive',        -- publication status; 0=inactive, 1=active
    @independent_agent            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @immediate_sync                nvarchar(5) = NULL,
    @enabled_for_internet        nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @allow_push                    nvarchar(5) = N'true',
    @allow_pull                    nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @allow_anonymous            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    -- SyncTran
    @allow_sync_tran            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @autogen_sync_procs            nvarchar(5) = NULL,                -- auto gen sync tran procs per article
    @retention                    int = 336,                        -- 14  days
    @allow_queued_tran            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    -- Portable Snapshot
    @snapshot_in_defaultfolder    nvarchar(5) = N'true',
    @alt_snapshot_folder        nvarchar(255) = NULL,
    -- Snapshot pre/post- commands
    @pre_snapshot_script        nvarchar(255) = NULL,
    @post_snapshot_script        nvarchar(255) = NULL,
    -- Snapshot compression
    @compress_snapshot            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    -- Post 7.0 FTP
    @ftp_address                sysname = NULL,
    @ftp_port                    int = 21,
    @ftp_subdirectory            nvarchar(255) = NULL,
    @ftp_login                    sysname = N'anonymous',
    @ftp_password                sysname = NULL,
    @allow_dts                    nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @allow_subscription_copy    nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @conflict_policy            nvarchar(100) = NULL,            -- NULL, 'pub wins', 'sub reinit', 'sub wins'
    @centralized_conflicts        nvarchar(5) = NULL,                -- NULL, 'true', 'false'
    @conflict_retention            int = 14,
    @queue_type                    nvarchar(10) = NULL,            -- NULL, 'sql'
    @add_to_active_directory    nvarchar(10) = N'false',
    @logreader_job_name            sysname = NULL,
    @qreader_job_name            sysname = NULL,
    @publisher                    sysname = NULL,
    -- Backup subscription support
    @allow_initialize_from_backup        nvarchar(5) = NULL,        -- NULL, 'false', 'true'
    @replicate_ddl                int = NULL,
    -- PeerToPeer
    @enabled_for_p2p            nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @publish_local_changes_only    nvarchar(5)    = N'false',
    -- Heterogeneous subscriptions
    @enabled_for_het_sub        nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    -- PeerToPeer conflict detection
    @p2p_conflictdetection    nvarchar(5) = N'false',
    @p2p_originator_id         int = NULL,
    @p2p_continue_onconflict    nvarchar(5) = N'false',
	@allow_partition_switch		nvarchar(5) = N'false',
	@replicate_partition_switch nvarchar(5) = NULL
    set nocount on
    DECLARE @cmd  nvarchar(4000)
                ,@retcode  int
                ,@publisher_type sysname

    EXEC @retcode = sys.sp_MSrepl_getpublisherinfo @publisher = @publisher,
                                                                        @publisher_type = @publisher_type OUTPUT,
                                                                        @rpcheader = @cmd OUTPUT
    IF @retcode != 0 or @@error !=0
        RETURN 1

    -- Add sp
    select @publisher = UPPER(@publisher)
            ,@cmd = @cmd + N'sys.sp_MSrepl_addpublication'

    EXEC @retcode = @cmd

    RETURN (@retcode)

Last revision 2008RTM
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