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create procedure sys.sp_constr_col_usage_rowset2
    @table_schema       sysname = null,
    @column_name        sysname = null,
    @constr_catalog     sysname = null,
    @constr_schema      sysname = null,
    @constr_name        sysname = null

-- copy & pasted from version 1 of the SProc and removed checks for 1st parameter !

    select  *
            TABLE_CATALOG       = db_name(),
            TABLE_SCHEMA        = schema_name(obj.schema_id),
            TABLE_NAME          = obj.name,
            COLUMN_NAME         = col.name,
            COLUMN_GUID         = convert(uniqueidentifier, NULL),
            COLUMN_PROPID       = convert(int, NULL),
            CONSTRAINT_CATALOG  = db_name(),
            CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA   = schema_name(obj.schema_id),
            CONSTRAINT_NAME     = obj2.name

            sys.all_objects obj inner join
            sys.sysconstraints s_sc on (obj.type in ('S ', 'U ') and s_sc.id = obj.object_id and s_sc.colid <> 0) inner join
            sys.all_objects obj2 on (s_sc.constid = obj2.object_id),
            sys.all_columns col

            (@table_schema is null or schema_id(@table_schema) = obj.schema_id) and
            col.object_id = obj.object_id and
            col.column_id = s_sc.colid
    ) as my_result

    where -- ISSUE - PERF - There is no need of 2 nested selects. Incorporate it in the above select.
        (@column_name  is null or @column_name  = my_result.COLUMN_NAME) and
        (@constr_catalog is null or @constr_catalog  = my_result.CONSTRAINT_CATALOG) and
        (@constr_schema  is null or @constr_schema  = my_result.CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA) and
        (@constr_name  is null or @constr_name  = my_result.CONSTRAINT_NAME)

    order by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Last revision 2008RTM

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