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create procedure sys.sp_decimal_estimate_savings_for_table
	@table_id int
	,@avg_savings float output
	set @avg_savings = 0;

	-- Get the quoted two-part name
	declare @quoted_table_name nvarchar(518);
	declare @schema_id int;
	select @schema_id = schema_id from sys.tables where object_id = @table_id;
	set @quoted_table_name = quotename(schema_name(@schema_id)) + N'.' + quotename(object_name(@table_id));

	-- Generate a query to calculate savings.
	declare @sql_string nvarchar(max);

	-- ignore locking
	set @sql_string = N'set transaction isolation level read uncommitted; ';

	-- Create temp table to receive result.
	create table #savings_table(avg_compressed_decimal_size float);
	set @sql_string = @sql_string + N'insert into #savings_table select avg(cast(';

	-- Iterate through the columns for this table, generating an expression
	-- for the sum of the compressed lengths of each decimal column.
	declare dec_columns cursor for
		select quotename(name), precision from sys.columns
			where object_id = @table_id and
			(system_type_id = 106 or system_type_id = 108);
	open dec_columns;

	-- Keep track of the number of decimal columns we find, and their total fixed length.
	declare @num_dec_columns int, @fixed_decimal_size int;
	set @num_dec_columns = 0;
	set @fixed_decimal_size = 0;
	while (1 = 1)
		declare @col_name nvarchar(258);
		declare @prec int;
		fetch next from dec_columns into @col_name, @prec;
		if (@@fetch_status <> 0)

		-- Add ' + ' between addends.
		if (@num_dec_columns > 0)
			set @sql_string = @sql_string + N' + ';
		set @num_dec_columns = @num_dec_columns + 1;

		-- Add the fixed length.
		set @fixed_decimal_size = @fixed_decimal_size +
				when @prec between 1 and 9 then 5
				when @prec between 10 and 19 then 9
				when @prec between 20 and 28 then 13
				when @prec between 29 and 38 then 17

		set @sql_string = @sql_string + N'datalength(compressnumeric(' + @col_name + '))';

	close dec_columns;
	deallocate dec_columns;

	if (@num_dec_columns = 0)

	set @sql_string = @sql_string +
		N' as float)) from ' + @quoted_table_name + N' tablesample (5000 rows)';
	exec (@sql_string);
	select @avg_savings = @fixed_decimal_size - (avg_compressed_decimal_size + 2 * @num_dec_columns) from #savings_table;
	if (@avg_savings is null)
		set @avg_savings = 0;

Last revision 2008RTM
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