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create procedure sys.sp_helpmergelogfiles(
    @publication            sysname = '%',        /* Publication name */
    @subscriber             sysname = '%',        /* Subscriber server */
    @subscriber_db          sysname = '%',        /* Subscription database */
    @publisher              sysname = '%',        /* Publisher server */
    @publisher_db           sysname = '%',        /* Publisher database */
    @web_server				sysname = '%'		  /* logs from IIS server */


    ** Declarations.

    declare @retcode            int
    declare @pubid                uniqueidentifier
    declare @subid                uniqueidentifier

    IF object_id('sysmergesubscriptions') is NULL
        RETURN (0)

    /* Security check */
    EXEC @retcode = sys.sp_MSreplcheck_pull @publication = @publication,
        @raise_fatal_error = 0
    if @@ERROR <> 0 or @retcode <> 0

    ** Parameter Check: @publisher
    ** Check to make sure that the publisher is defined
    IF @publisher <> '%'
        EXECUTE @retcode = sys.sp_validname @publisher
        IF @@ERROR <> 0 OR @retcode <> 0
            RETURN (1)

    ** Parameter Check:     @subscriber.
    ** If remote server, limit the view to the remote server's subscriptions.
    ** Make sure that the name isn't NULL.
    if @subscriber IS NULL
            RAISERROR (14043, 16, -1, '@subscriber', 'sp_helpmergelogfiles')
            RETURN (1)

    ** Parameter Check:     @subscriber.
    ** Check if remote server is defined as a subscription server, and
    ** that the name conforms to the rules for identifiers.

    if @subscriber <> '%'
            EXECUTE @retcode = sys.sp_validname @subscriber

            if @retcode <> 0 OR @@ERROR <> 0
                RETURN (1)


    ** Parameter Check:     @publication.
    ** If the publication name is specified, check to make sure that it
    ** conforms to the rules for identifiers and that the publication
    ** actually exists.     Disallow NULL.
    if @publication IS NULL
            RAISERROR (14043, 16, -1, '@publication', 'sp_helpmergelogfiles')
            RETURN (1)

    create table #helplogfiles
					id					 int NULL,
                	pubname				 sysname NULL,
                	publisher			 sysname NULL,
                	publisher_db		 sysname NULL,
                	subscriber_server    sysname NULL,
                	db_name              sysname NULL,
		            web_server    		 sysname NULL,
		            file_name			 sysname NULL,
		            upload_time			 datetime NULL,
		            log_file_type		 int NULL

    insert into #helplogfiles select distinct mlf.id, pubs.name, pubs.publisher, pubs.publisher_db, subs.subscriber_server, subs.db_name,
					mlf.web_server, mlf.file_name, mlf.upload_time, mlf.log_file_type

        FROM  dbo.MSmerge_log_files mlf,
        	  dbo.sysmergesubscriptions        subs,
              dbo.sysmergepublications    pubs
            where pubs.pubid = subs.pubid
                and subs.pubid <> subs.subid
                and pubs.name =     @publication
                and mlf.subid = subs.subid
                and mlf.pubid = subs.pubid
                and ((@web_server = N'%') or (mlf.web_server = @web_server collate database_default))
                and ((@subscriber_db = N'%') or (subs.db_name = @subscriber_db collate database_default))
                and ((@publisher_db = N'%') or (pubs.publisher_db = @publisher_db collate database_default))
                and ((@subscriber = N'%') or (UPPER(subs.subscriber_server) = UPPER(@subscriber) collate database_default))
                and ((@publisher = N'%') or (UPPER(pubs.publisher) = UPPER(@publisher) collate database_default))

	select * from #helplogfiles
    drop table #helplogfiles
    return @retcode

Last revision 2008RTM
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