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sp_cleanupwebtask is no longer supported in SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2005 supports the following five undocumented web task system stored procedures:
- sp_readwebtask
- sp_convertwebtasks
- sp_cleanupwebtask
- sp_dropwebtask
- sp_makewebtask

The web task system stored procedures are not enabled upon installation. To enable these stored procedures, you should use the Web Assistant Procedures Option to enable the Web Assistant procedures on this server.
To use the Web Assistant, you must also run the Web.sql script, available in the SQL Server 2005 installation location, in the MSSQL.x\MSSQL\Install folder.

Use Reporting Services instead.


/* Create SP's                                                                              */

-- Add extended stored procedures for Web Server support.

-- sp_makewebtask: Creates and defines the Web Page Task

CREATE PROCEDURE sys.sp_makewebtask
@outputfile		nvarchar(255),
@query			ntext,
@fixedfont		tinyint = 1,				-- 0/1
@bold			tinyint = 0,				-- 0/1
@italic			tinyint = 0,				-- 0/1
@colheaders		tinyint = 1,				-- 0/1
@lastupdated	tinyint = 1,				-- 0/1
@HTMLheader		tinyint = 1,				-- 1-6
@username		nvarchar(128) = NULL,
@dbname			nvarchar(128) = NULL,
@templatefile	nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@webpagetitle	nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@resultstitle	nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@URL			nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@reftext		nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@table_urls		tinyint = 0,				-- 0/1; 1=use table of URLs
@url_query		nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@whentype		tinyint = 1,				-- 1=now, 2=later, 3=every xday
											-- 4=every n units of time
@targetdate		int = 0,					-- yyyymmdd as int
@targettime		int = 0,					-- hhnnss as int
@dayflags		tinyint = 1,				-- powers of 2 for days of week
@numunits		tinyint = 1,
@unittype		tinyint = 1,				-- 1=hours, 2=days, 3=weeks, 4=minutes
@procname		nvarchar(128) = NULL,		-- name to use when making the
											-- task and the wrapper/condenser
											-- stored procs
@maketask		int = 2,					-- 0=create unencrypted sproc, no task
											-- 1=encrypted sproc and task
											-- 2=unencrypted sproc and task
@rowcnt			int = 0,					-- max no of rows to display
@tabborder		tinyint = 1,				-- borders around the results table
@singlerow		tinyint = 0,				-- Single row per page
@blobfmt		ntext = NULL,				-- Formatting for text and image fields
@nrowsperpage	int = 0,					-- Results displayed in multiple pages of n rows per page
@datachg		ntext = NULL,				-- Table and column names for a trigger
@charset		nvarchar(25) = N'utf-8',	-- Universal character set is the default
@codepage		int = 65001					-- utf-8 (universal) code page is the default


   DECLARE @suid smallint
   DECLARE @yearchar nvarchar(4)
   DECLARE @monthchar nvarchar(2)
   DECLARE @daychar nvarchar(2)
   DECLARE @hourchar nvarchar(2)
   DECLARE @minchar nvarchar(2)
   DECLARE @secchar nvarchar(2)
   DECLARE @currdate datetime
   DECLARE  @retval int

-- Check for valid @dbname if supplied
   IF (@dbname is NOT NULL)
      IF (NOT(exists(SELECT * FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE name = @dbname)))
         RETURN (9)

-- Make sure that it's the SA executing this.
   IF ( NOT ( is_srvrolemember('sysadmin') = 1 ) )
      RAISERROR( 15003, -1, -1, 'sysadmin' )

-- IF not supplied, determine the user executing this procedure
   IF (@username is NULL)
       SET @username = suser_sname()

       IF ( (charindex ('\',@username) > 0) OR (@username is NULL) OR (@username = 'sa') )
           SELECT @username = N'dbo'

-- If not supplied, determine the database currently active
   IF (@dbname is NULL)
	  SELECT @dbname = d.name FROM
	   master..sysdatabases d, master..sysprocesses p
	   WHERE d.dbid = p.dbid AND spid = @@spid


-- Generate @procname if not supplied
   IF (@procname is NULL)

         SET @currdate = getdate()

		 SET @yearchar = convert(nvarchar(4),year(@currdate))
         SET @monthchar = right('0'+ rtrim(convert(nvarchar(2),month(@currdate))),2)
         SET @daychar = right('0'+rtrim(convert(nvarchar(2),day(@currdate))),2)
         SET @hourchar = right('0'+rtrim(convert(nvarchar(2),datepart(hh,@currdate))),2)
         SET @minchar = right('0'+rtrim(convert(nvarchar(2),datepart(mi,@currdate))),2)
         SET @secchar = right('0'+rtrim(convert(nvarchar(2),datepart(ss,@currdate))),2)

		 -- Get default procname if not supplied
         SET @procname = N'web_'+convert(nchar(14),@yearchar+@monthchar+@daychar+@hourchar+@minchar+@secchar)+convert(nvarchar(20),@@spid)+right(rtrim(convert( VARCHAR(25),RAND() )),4)


   SET @retval = 0

-- Create the Web task
   EXECUTE @retval = sys.xp_makewebtask  @outputfile, @query, @username, @procname, @dbname,
	    @fixedfont, @bold, @italic, @colheaders, @lastupdated, @HTMLheader,
	    @templatefile, @webpagetitle, @resultstitle, @URL, @reftext,
	    @table_urls, @url_query, @whentype, @targetdate, @targettime,
	    @dayflags, @numunits, @unittype, @rowcnt, @maketask, @tabborder,
	    @singlerow, @blobfmt, @nrowsperpage, @datachg, @charset, @codepage

	IF (@retval <> 0)
	    SET @procname = 'xp_makewebtask'
	    RAISERROR(@retval, 11, 1, @procname)

   RETURN @retval


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