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-- Name: sp_replgetparsedddlcmd

-- Description: This helper sproc strips out the first part
--	of DDL cmd, up to the point right after object name.

-- Parameters: 	
--	@ddlcmd nvarchar(max)
--	,@FirstToken sysname
--	,@objectType sysname	-- comlete form: e.g. procedure/function/tigger
--	,@dbname sysname		-- not quoted
--	,@owner sysname			-- not quoted
--	,@objname sysname		-- not quoted
--	,@targetobject nvarchar(512)-- applies to alter trigger only

-- Returns: nvarchar(max)

-- Notes: this is an internal helper function which assumes
--	incoming @ddlcmd is always valid, it strips out the first
--	part of ddl so we can reconstruct with alternate
--	destination table/owner if so desired, it also helps to
--	to avoid blandly sending DDL with fully qualified table
--	name including publisher database:
--	e.g.
--	sp_replgetparsedddlcmd
-- 							N'table pubs.dbo.authors add newcol1 int'
--							,'alter'
--							,'table'
--							,'pubs'
--							,'dbo'
--							,'authors'
--	should return: N'add newcol1 int'
-- Security: not exposed to public

create procedure sys.sp_replgetparsedddlcmd
       @ddlcmd nvarchar(max) OUTPUT
	,@FirstToken sysname
	,@objectType sysname	-- comlete form: e.g. procedure/function/tigger
	,@dbname sysname		-- not quoted
	,@owner sysname			-- not quoted
	,@objname sysname		-- not quoted
	,@targetobject nvarchar(512)-- applies to alter trigger only
declare @left_quote bigint
		,@right_quote bigint
		,@first_space tinyint
		,@ddlcmd_len bigint
		,@ddloffset nvarchar(max)
		,@trigger_dbname sysname
		,@trigger_owner sysname
		,@trigger_objname sysname
-- start with striping off ALTER at the begining
set @ddloffset = ltrim(right(@ddlcmd, len(@ddlcmd) - len(@FirstToken)))

-- strip out any possible comments between alter and next token
set @ddloffset = sys.fn_replremoveleadingcomments(@ddloffset)
set @ddlcmd_len = len(@ddloffset)

-- now strip out objectType token,
-- remember, this function is only used by DDL trigger where we know @ddlcmd coming in is valid
-- watch out for space after the second token, e.g. alter proc instead of alter procedure
-- watch out for comments, e.g. alter proc/*..*/myproc instead of alter procedure
set @first_space = patindex('% %', @ddloffset)
set @left_quote = patindex('%/*%', @ddloffset)
if (@first_space > 0 and @first_space < len(@objectType))
	or (@left_quote > 0 and @left_quote < len(@objectType))
	if (@first_space > 0) and (@left_quote > 0)
		if (@left_quote > @first_space)
			set @left_quote = @first_space
	else if (@first_space > 0) and (@left_quote = 0)
		set @left_quote = @first_space
	set @left_quote = len(@objectType) + 1
set @ddloffset = ltrim(substring(@ddloffset, @left_quote, @ddlcmd_len - @left_quote + 1))

-- strip out any possible comments between @ObjectType token and object name
set @ddloffset = sys.fn_replremoveleadingcomments(@ddloffset)

-- now strip out object name
-- deal with the following possibilities: w or w/o quotes
-- [db].[owner].[obj]
set @ddloffset = sys.fn_replremovefullobj(@ddloffset, @dbname, @owner, @objname)

-- might as well strip out any possible comments between object name and definition
set @ddloffset = sys.fn_replremoveleadingcomments(@ddloffset)

--alter trigger trigger_name on [db].[owner].[obj] as .... has the same issue, parse to the point before as
--so we can substitute with alter trigger trigger_name on [dest_owner].[dest_obj] as
if UPPER(@objectType) = N'TRIGGER' and @targetobject is not NULL and len(@targetobject) > 0
	-- remove leading white space char
	declare @pos int
	select @pos=charindex(N'on ', @ddloffset)
	set @ddloffset = substring(@ddloffset, @pos, len(@ddloffset)-@pos+1)
	set @ddloffset = ltrim(right(@ddloffset, len(@ddloffset) - len(N'on ')))

	set @trigger_dbname = isnull(parsename(@targetobject, 3), @dbname)
	set @trigger_owner = isnull(parsename(@targetobject, 2), @owner)
	set @trigger_objname = isnull(parsename(@targetobject, 1), @objname)
	set @ddloffset = sys.fn_replremovefullobj(@ddloffset, @trigger_dbname, @trigger_owner, @trigger_objname)
set @ddlcmd=@ddloffset
return 0

Last revision 2008RTM
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