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create procedure sys.sp_restoredbreplication (
    @srv_orig sysname,
    @db_orig sysname,
    @keep_replication int = 0, -- Make it int so that we can expand later.
    @perform_upgrade bit = 0, -- server will set this parameter when the database is restored from a previous version of sql server.
    @recoveryforklsn varbinary(16) = 0x0
 * used by restore process to strip out replication settings if restoring to non-originating
 * server/db or system otherwise not capable of keeping replication working
 * WARNING : procs called here run internal to server and must be owner qualified
	declare @retcode int

	select @retcode = 0

    ** Security Check: RESTORE statement requires sysadmin, dbcreator, or
    **                 dbo (THE dbo, not just any member of the db_owner
    **                 role.)
    if (ISNULL(IS_SRVROLEMEMBER('sysadmin'),0) = 0)
       and (ISNULL(IS_SRVROLEMEMBER('dbcreator'),0) = 0)
       and (ISNULL(IS_MEMBER('db_owner'),0) = 0)
        raiserror(18799, 16, -1)
        return 1

	-- Only attempt to run restore code on REPLICATION scenarios.
	-- this helps us avoid failures when msdb or other dbs are
	-- offline and a user is attempting to restore a non-repl db
	-- 1. Transactional Publisher
	if object_id(N'syspublications', N'U') is not null
		or object_id(N'syspublications', N'V') is not null
	-- 2. Merge Publisher
		or object_id(N'sysmergepublications', N'U') is not null
	-- 3. Distributor
		or (object_id(N'MSrepl_commands', N'U') is not null
    		and object_id(N'MSrepl_transactions', N'U') is not null
    		and object_id(N'MSsnapshot_history', N'U') is not null
    		and object_id(N'MSlogreader_history', N'U') is not null
    		and object_id(N'MSdistribution_history', N'U') is not null
    		and object_id(N'MSmerge_history', N'U') is not null)
    -- 4. Transactional Subscriber
    	or object_id(N'MSreplication_subscriptions', 'U') is not null
    -- 5. Merge Subscriber
    	or object_id(N'MSmerge_replinfo', 'U') is not null
  		exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSrestoredbreplication @srv_orig = @srv_orig,
													    @db_orig = @db_orig,
													    @keep_replication = @keep_replication,
													    @perform_upgrade = @perform_upgrade,
													    @recoveryforklsn = @recoveryforklsn
   --backup set does not contain replication system tables, but sys.objects or sys.columns are not in clean state
    --due to whatever failure occurred before, let's clean these bits here so not to block user from dropping the object
    --truncating the log, large text or textptr based operation
        -- cleanup the objects that are still marked by replication bits
        -- clear category field if we are not going to keep replication
		declare @db_curr sysname,
                @flush_proc nvarchar(300),
                @done_proc  nvarchar(300)
		select @db_curr = db_name()

        -- call repldone before removing the published bit
        IF CONVERT(sysname,DATABASEPROPERTYEX(@db_curr,'status'))  = N'READ_WRITE'
			AND HAS_DBACCESS(@db_curr) = 1
			AND DatabasePropertyEx(@db_curr, N'IsPublished') = 1
			--if cdc is still enabled, don't call sp_repldone
			AND not exists(select * from sys.databases where db_id(@db_curr) = database_id and is_cdc_enabled = 1)
            SELECT @flush_proc = QUOTENAME(@db_curr) + N'.sys.sp_replflush'
            SELECT @done_proc  = QUOTENAME(@db_curr) + N'.sys.sp_repldone'
            EXEC @flush_proc
            EXEC @done_proc NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 1
            EXEC @flush_proc

        EXEC %%DatabaseEx(Name = @db_curr).SetPublished(Value = 0)
		EXEC %%DatabaseEx(Name = @db_curr).SetMergePublished(Value = 0)
		EXEC %%DatabaseEx(Name = @db_curr).SetDistributor(Value = 0)
		exec @retcode = sys.sp_MScleandbobjectsforreplication
		if @retcode <> 0 or @@error <> 0
            return (1)
	return @retcode

Last revision 2008RTM
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