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-- Name:
--		sp_schemafilter

-- Description:
--		Update the schema filter set used to control those schema
--		whose tables are examined by sp_ORAenumpublishertables (Oracle specific)

-- Inputs:
--		@publisher		== name of Oracle publisher
--		@operation		== operation ('add', 'drop', 'help')
--		@schema			== schema name

-- Returns:
--		Return code (0 for success, 1 for failure)

-- Security:
--		public -- call must be sysadmin

-- Notes:
--		This stored procedure is provided so that the administrator of Oracle
--		publishing can control those schema that are not included when
--		displaying the tables eligible for publishing within the add publication
--		wizard.  A default filter set is created when the HREPL package is downloaded
--		to the publisher.  This stored procedure allows the entries in the filter set
--		to be both viewed and updated.

--		Operation	Action

--		'add'	-	Adds the schema specified in @schema to the filter set
--				if not already present.
--		'drop	-	Drop the schema specified in @schema from the filter set
--				if present.
--		'help'	-	Returns a result set identifying the schema currently
--				in the filter set.  If @schema is specified, the result set
--				will be empty if the schema is not in the result set, or
--				will contain the single schema if it was present in the
--				result set. (default)		

CREATE PROCEDURE sys.sp_schemafilter
	@publisher		sysname,
	@schema			sysname = NULL,
	@operation		nvarchar(4) = N'help'
	DECLARE @cmd			nvarchar(4000)
	DECLARE @retcode		int
	DECLARE @publisher_type	sysname

	-- Security Check: requires sysadmin, done in sp_MSrepl_getpublisherinfo

	SET @retcode = 0

	EXEC @retcode = sys.sp_MSrepl_getpublisherinfo	@publisher		= @publisher,
													@rpcheader		= @cmd OUTPUT,
													@publisher_type	= @publisher_type OUTPUT,
													@hreplOnly		= 1							
	IF @retcode <> 0
		RETURN (@retcode)

	-- Error if the publisher is not an Oracle publisher
	IF @publisher_type NOT LIKE 'ORACLE%'
		RAISERROR (21687, 16, -1, @publisher, @publisher_type)
    		RETURN (1)

	SET @publisher = UPPER(@publisher) COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT
	set @cmd = @cmd + N'sys.sp_ORASchemaFilter'
	EXEC @retcode = @cmd	@publisher,
	RETURN (@retcode)

Last revision 2008RTM
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