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create procedure sys.sp_vupgrade_updatingpublicationarticle
    declare @retcode int
                ,@artid int
                ,@schema_option varbinary(8)
                ,@objid int
                ,@pubname sysname
                ,@queue_type int
                ,@artname sysname
                ,@distributor sysname
                ,@rpcsrvname sysname
                ,@distribdb sysname
                ,@fisdbpublished bit
                ,@dbname sysname
                ,@distproc nvarchar(517)
                ,@publishingservername sysname
                ,@allow_queued_tran int

    -- Do we have any publications to process
    if not exists (select * from syspublications where allow_sync_tran = 1 or allow_queued_tran = 1)
        return 0
    -- check if this db is set for tran publish
    -- no need to do refresh if not published
    select @fisdbpublished = case when (sys.fn_MSrepl_istranpublished(db_name(),0) = 1) then 1 else 0 end
    -- Check if we have distributor
    -- If we cannot locate the distributor
    -- no point in refreshing the subscriptions
    begin try
        exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSrepl_getdistributorinfo @distributor = @distributor OUTPUT
                        ,@rpcsrvname = @rpcsrvname OUTPUT
                        ,@distribdb = @distribdb OUTPUT
        if @@error != 0 or @retcode != 0
            select @distributor = null
    end try
    begin catch
        -- There was some exception in sp_MSrepl_getdistributorinfo
        -- treat it as error
        select @distributor = null
    end catch
    -- Enumerate the updating publications
    begin tran
    save transaction updating_pub_upgrade

    declare #hcurarticles CURSOR LOCAL FAST_FORWARD FOR
        select a.artid, a.schema_option, a.objid, a.name, p.name, p.queue_type, p.allow_queued_tran
        from sysarticles as a join syspublications as p
            on a.pubid = p.pubid
            and objectproperty(a.objid, 'IsTable') = 1
            and (p.allow_sync_tran = 1 or p.allow_queued_tran = 1)
    open #hcurarticles
    fetch #hcurarticles into @artid, @schema_option, @objid, @artname, @pubname, @queue_type, @allow_queued_tran
    while @@fetch_status <> -1
        -- Does version column exist
        if not exists (select * from sys.columns where object_id = @objid and name = 'msrepl_tran_version')
            -- this is SQL 7.0 immediate updating article
            -- no need to do anything for this (same behavior as SQL2000 upgrade)
            -- skip this article
            fetch #hcurarticles into @artid, @schema_option, @objid, @artname, @pubname, @queue_type, @allow_queued_tran
        -- Identity specific processing
        if objectproperty(@objid, 'tablehasidentity') = 1 and (@allow_queued_tran = 1 or
        			exists (select name from sys.columns
                                where object_id = @objid and
                                    ColumnProperty(object_id, name, N'IsIdNotForRepl') = 1))
            -- set the schema bit 0x4
            select @schema_option = fn_replprepadbinary8(cast(@schema_option as bigint) | 0x4)
            update sysarticles set schema_option = @schema_option where artid = @artid
            if (@@error != 0)
                goto error
        -- generated metadata refresh
        if (@fisdbpublished = 1)
            -- Is this an MSMQ publication - convert it into SQL queue
            if (@queue_type = 1)
                -- refresh the data on publisher only
update syspublications set queue_type = 2 where name = @pubname
                if (@@error != 0)
                    goto error
                if (@distributor IS NOT NULL)
                    -- distributor is registered - refresh the metadata on distributor
                    select @dbname =  DB_NAME()
                            ,@distproc = QUOTENAME(@rpcsrvname) + N'.' + QUOTENAME(@distribdb) +
                            ,@publishingservername = publishingservername()

                    begin try
                        exec @retcode = @distproc
                                            @publisher = @publishingservername,
                                            @publisher_db = @dbname,
                                            @publication = @pubname,
                                            @property = N'queue_type',
                                            @value = '2'
                        if @@error != 0 or @retcode != 0
                            goto error
                    end try
                    begin catch
                        -- There was some exception in rpc execution
                        -- treat it as warning
                        raiserror(21542, 10, 1, @@error, @distproc)
                    end catch
            -- refresh the synctran procedures
            exec @retcode = sys.sp_articlesynctranprocs @publication = @pubname, @article = @artname
            if @@error != 0 or @retcode != 0
                goto error
            -- Refresh subscription if we can
            if (@distributor IS NOT NULL)
                -- Are there active subscriptions to this article
                if exists (select p.pubid from dbo.syspublications p join dbo.sysarticles a on a.pubid = p.pubid
                                    join dbo.syssubscriptions s on a.artid = s.artid
                            where a.artid = @artid
                                and (p.allow_queued_tran = 1 or p.allow_sync_tran = 1)
                                and s.status = 2  -- active
                                and s.sync_type != 2 -- not 'none'
                                and s.update_mode != 0 )
                    if (@queue_type = 1)
                        -- For MSMQ type publications, convert the update mode in syssubscriptions
                        -- Note: MSsubscriptions in distribution db get updated during the processing
                        -- of sp_MSchange_publication (which gets invoked above)
                        update dbo.syssubscriptions
                        set update_mode = case
                                when (update_mode = 2) then 4
                                when (update_mode = 3) then 5
                                when (update_mode = 7) then 6
                                else update_mode
                        where artid = @artid
                        if (@@error != 0)
                            goto error
                        -- post command to refresh subscriber update mode
                        exec @retcode = sys.sp_scriptupdmoderefresh @artid = @artid
                        if @@error != 0 or @retcode != 0
                            goto error

                    -- if the article's update command uses CALL syntax, change it to VCALL
                    update dbo.sysarticles
                        set upd_cmd = N'VCALL' + right(ltrim(upd_cmd), len(ltrim(upd_cmd)) - 4)
                        where artid = @artid and upper(left(ltrim(upd_cmd), 4)) = N'CALL'

                    -- this is necessary for upgrading from sql2000 since we changed logreader in yukon to
                    -- always send del/ins if unique column was updated and updatable subscriptions are involved
                    -- regardless of update being setbased or not, according to Kaushik this greatly simplifies
                    -- compensation logic in sync procs,
                    -- anyway, calling sp_MSsetfilteredstatus updates sys.tables.has_replication_filter as needed
                    exec sys.sp_MSsetfilteredstatus @objid
                    -- post commands to refresh metadata on subscriber
                    exec @retcode = sys.sp_MStran_autoproc @artid = @artid, @mode = 2
                    if @@error != 0 or @retcode != 0
                        goto error
                end -- if active subscriptions
            end -- if valid distributor
        end -- if db is published
        -- fetch next article
        fetch #hcurarticles into @artid, @schema_option, @objid, @artname, @pubname, @queue_type, @allow_queued_tran
    close #hcurarticles
    deallocate #hcurarticles
    -- all done
    commit tran
    return 0

    if @@trancount > 0
        rollback transaction updating_pub_upgrade
        commit transaction
    return 1

Last revision 2008RTM
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