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This is a view in the mssqlsystemresource database. Contains one row for each language present in Microsoft® SQL Server. This view is inherrited  of the old Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9 database system. This table is available since MSSQL 6.5 but is applied as view since MSSQL 2005. Although the table has some similarities with the Sybase table the values cannot be compared.
Column name Data type Description
langid smallint Unique language ID.
dateformat nchar(3) Date order (for example, DMY).
datefirst tinyint First day of the week: 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, and so on through 7 for Sunday.
upgrade int Reserved for system use.
name sysname Official language name (for example, français).
alias sysname Alternate language name (for example, French).
months nvarchar(372) Comma-separated list of full-length month names in order from January through December, with each name containing as many as 20 characters.
shortmonths varchar(132) Comma-separated list of short-month names in order from January through December, with each name containing as many as 9 characters.
days nvarchar(217) Comma-separated list of day names in order from Monday through Sunday, with each name containing as many as 30 characters.
lcid int Microsoft Windows NT® locale ID for the language.
mslangid smallint SQL Server message group ID.


Thirty-three SQL Server provided languages are installed. Here is a list of the languages.

Name in English NT LCID SQL Server Message Group ID
English 1033 1033
German 1031 1031
French 1036 1036
Japanese 1041 1041
Danish 1030 1030
Spanish 3082 3082
Italian 1040 1040
Dutch 1043 1043
Norwegian 2068 2068
Portuguese 2070 2070
Finnish 1035 1035
Swedish 1053 1053
Czech 1029 1029
Hungarian 1038 1038
Polish 1045 1045
Romanian 1048 1048
Croatian 1050 1050
Slovak 1051 1051
Slovenian 1060 1060
Greek 1032 1032
Bulgarian 1026 1026
Russian 1049 1049
Turkish 1055 1055
British English 2057 1033
Estonian 1061 1061
Latvian 1062 1062
Lithuanian 1063 1063
Brazilian 1046 1046
Traditional Chinese 1028 1028
Korean 1042 1042
Simplified Chinese 2052 2052
Arabic 1025 1025
Thai 1054 1054


CREATE VIEW sys.syslanguages AS
	SELECT langid, dateformat, datefirst,
		convert(int, 0) AS upgrade,
		name, alias,
		convert(nvarchar(372), month1+N','+month2+N','+month3+N','+month4+N','+month5+N','+month6
			+N','+month7+N','+month8+N','+month9+N','+month10+N','+month11+N','+month12) AS months,
		convert(nvarchar(132), shortmonth1+N','+shortmonth2+N','+shortmonth3+N','+shortmonth4+N','+shortmonth5+N','+shortmonth6
			+N','+shortmonth7+N','+shortmonth8+N','+shortmonth9+N','+shortmonth10+N','+shortmonth11+N','+shortmonth12) AS shortmonths,
		convert(nvarchar(217), day2+N','+day3+N','+day4+N','+day5+N','+day6+N','+day7+N','+day1) AS days,
		lcid, msglangid

Last revision 2008RTM
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